Since the DNA Learning Center was established in 1988, we've been advancing genetics education for students and families. We deliver biotechnology instruction through laboratory field trips for students in New York and beyond. More than 700,000 middle and high school students have experienced our hands-on approach to science instruction over the last 30+ years.

We offer in-person field trips and summer camps on Long Island and in New York City. You can also participate online through our our virtual museum field trips, virtual lab field trips, and virtual camps.


Experience Science Like Never Before at the DNA Learning Center

At the DNA Learning Center, students can participate in an array of science activities, including:

  • In-Person Lab Field Trips: Visit one of our centers for a science field trip and experience hands-on labs in one of our state-of-the-art laboratory classrooms.
  • Virtual Lab Field Trips: Our Virtual Lab Field Trips can be either asynchronous or synchronous and come with or without our student kits. Depending on your preferences and needs, students can view the live sessions from Zoom or your preferred alternative. 
  • Camps and Courses: Our camps and courses span an array of topics and feature options like Fun with DNA, Genome Science, Forensic Detectives, and many more.
  • Virtual Science Camps: Experience the same hands-on learning—just virtually. Our virtual camp topics include genetics and inheritance, PCR, and electrophoresis.
  • DNALC LIVE!: Through DNALC LIVE!, we engage educators, students and the public through video programming on topics like Bacteria and Antibiotics, Diversity of Life: Plant and Animal Cells, and DNA Restriction Analysis.
  • DNALC Media: DNALC media provides a variety of educational, media-rich sites and educational animations covering topics ranging from cancer to eugenics, as well as lab and bioinformatics sites on everything from human origins to RNA-sequencing.
  • Student Research:  We have several student research programs on Long Island and in NYC. Participants can conduct authentic research in school, or alongside scientists.
  • Educator Training: Through federal and private foundation funding, we offer up-to-date teacher training through free workshops for teachers in biotechnology and genetics.

Why Attend a Science Field Trip at DNA Learning Center New York City?

At our world-renowned DNA Learning Center, we have over 30 years of experience in molecular biology and genetics education. Now, we are excited to open our largest center, DNALC NYC in Brooklyn. Through hands-on experimentation, students will actively participate in their science education as they learn from experienced educators.

Register for a Spring or Fall 2021 Science Field Trip

Our in-person and virtual science field trips will deliver hands-on biology and genetics experiences for middle and high school students. Your students will have fun while learning about important science concepts and performing sophisticated experiments. Students can also cover Advanced Placement Biology (AP Bio) lab techniques through our supplemental experiences.

To request more information about any of our science field trips on Long Island, in NYC, or online, just fill out our online contact form and we'll be in touch with you shortly.