DNALC Support

Funds from a variety of federal agencies, private foundations, and endowments are crucial to the long-term sustainability of the DNALC. External funding supports the DNALC’s programs for local students and teachers, curriculum and infrastructure development, teacher training, and international collaborations.

Current Federal Grants

  • National Institutes of Health—Barcode Long Island
  • National Science Foundation—Biotechnology in American High Schools: Continuing Research
  • National Science Foundation—Implementing DNA Barcoding for Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • National Science Foundation—MaizeCODE: An Initial Analysis of Functional Elements in the Maize Genome
  • National Science Foundation—CyVerse: Cyberinfrastructure for the Life Sciences
  • National Science Foundation—RCN-UBE: Establishing a Genomics Education Alliance: Steps Towards Sustainability

Current Non-Federal Grants

  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation—DNA Center NYC Start-up
  • Beijing No. 166 High School—DNALC Collaboration Agreement
  • Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee—CSH Asia DNALC Collaboration Agreement
  • Breakthrough Prize Foundation—Laboratory Design and Teacher Training for Breakthrough Junior Challenge Prize Winners
  • National Grid Foundation—Genetics Education Program
  • Pinkerton Foundation—Urban Barcode Research Program
  • Richard Lounsbery Foundation—Developing Independent Student Marine Biodiversity Research Using eDNA
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals—The DNALC Stem Access Fund to Support Usage of the DNALC by Under-Represented Minorities and Disadvantaged Students
  • The Simons Foundation—Urban Barcode Research Program
  • William Townsend Porter Foundation—Harlem DNA Lab Support for Underprivileged Students


  • Edward Chernoff Fund
  • DNALC General Fund
    • Cedar Hill Foundation
    • Estate of Wendy Russell
    • Lola and John Grace
    • Lessing Family Foundation
    • OSI Pharmaceuticals
    • Pall Corporation
    • Rauch Foundation
    • Doris M. and Peter S. Tilles Foundation
    • Edwin S. Webster Foundation
  • DNALC General Fund (NYC)
    • The Perkin Foundation
  • DNALC Unrestricted Fund
  • Hearst Foundations
  • Heartfelt Wings Fund
  • Laurie Landeau Foundation (NYC)
  • Thompson Family Foundation (NYC)