Licensed Centers
& Programs Modeled on the DNALC

In 2001, the DNALC initiated a formal program to assist institutions and governments that wish to quickly and efficiently implement a hands-on science center devoted to modern biology education. Under the licensing plan, institutions have transparent access to DNALC teaching methods, Internet technology, and intellectual property.

Licensed Centers

DNA Learning Center Nigeria

Godfrey Okoye University, Ugwuomu Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria
Established in 2019

The DNA Learning Center Nigeria (DNALC Nigeria) is a alliance between three institutions that have collaborated in various ways since 2011 to enhance bioscience education in Nigeria. The DNA Learning Center at CSHL, New York and Bowie State University, Maryland, in partnership with Godfrey Okoye University, are saddled with the task of enhancing the capacity of Nigerian high schools and universities to build student interest in science by promoting inquiry-based learning and hands-on laboratory experiences.

The overarching goal of the Center is capacity building that prepares teachers, students and families to benefit from modern genomics and biotechnology innovations in agricultural and medical research. DNALC Nigeria will additionally contribute to poverty and disease alleviation in Nigeria by preparing a new generation of highly skilled scientists and workforce to support agricultural and medical advancement.

Sited in the permanent site of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu–this area is peaceful, has a conducive atmosphere for learning with beautiful natural scenery that is only available in the southeastern region. The DNA Learning Center Nigeria (DNALC Nigeria) is poised to be a leading institution in molecular biology research and top-notch laboratory experience in Nigeria. The aim is to bridge the wide gap in hands-on research training that Is needed to develop scientific inquiry in Nigeria.

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Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center

Suzhou, China
Established in 2015

Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center is located in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), outside of Shanghai, China, and close by CSHL Asia Meetings and Courses. The center was conceived through a collaboration between CSHL and SIP. It is the first hands-on teaching institution of its kind in China. The objective of DNALC Asia is to offer the same hands-on lab experience in Suzhou as is offered at the DNALC in Cold Spring Harbor, providing students with lab and analytical skills needed for science study at American universities.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center at Beijing No. 166 High School International Life Science Institute for Youth

Beijing, China
Established in 2014

Our collaboration with China began in 2011, when 20 students from the Beijing No. 166 High School came to Cold Spring Harbor for a three-week summer workshop. Now many Chinese students visit us each summer and winter for workshops, and select students complete research internships. In 2014, we opened the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center at Beijing No. 166 High School International Life Science Institute for Youth, with funding from the Dongcheng District. The lab provides space for workshops for students, and teacher training programs.

University of Notre Dame DNA Learning Center

Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
Established in 2013

The DNA Learning Center of Notre Dame University is located on campus in the Jordan Hall of Science. As a licensed center, programs for students in elementary through high school, including field trips, in-school instruction and summer camps, are modeled after the CSHL DNALC. The center plays a pivotal role in the University’s education outreach and serves as a local resource for the community.

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Vienna Open Lab

Vienna, Austria
Established in 2006

Vienna Open Lab is an initiative of Dialog Gentechnik with the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Austria. As a licensee, the Vienna Open Lab hosts students and teachers for lab-based instruction, some of which is based on popular DNALC field trip and summer camp programs. It is also open for public outreach programs on genetics and biotechnology.

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Clemson University Life Sciences Outreach Center

Clemson, South Carolina, USA
Established in 2003

In 2003, Clemson University joined the ranks of current licensees. Clemson initiated the South Carolina DNA Learning Center with an initial grant of $500,000, with the intent to focus on agricultural genetics.

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DNA Learning Lab

Republic of Singapore
Established in 2003

Within a year of signing a licensing agreement in 2002, two facilities based on the DNALC model came online in the Republic of Singapore - one to serve teachers and the other to serve students. The DNA Centre at the National Institute of Education (NIE) features two teaching labs, a bioinformatics lab, and small exhibit space, and the DNA Learning Lab at the Singapore Science Centre - with dual "Watson" and "Crick" teaching labs surrounded by a "DNA Trail" exhibit. About 24,000 students attend programs at the DNA Learning Lab each year.

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Centers in Development

Passaic County Biotech Innovation Center

Paterson, NJ

Development of a DNA Learning Center in Passaic County, New Jersey is underway and is expected to open in 2024. The new DNALC will be located in the Biotech Innovation Center on the campus of the Passaic County Technical Institute (PCTI), a vocational-technical high school. A bridge will connect the Biotech Center to an adjacent campus of Passaic County Community College (PCCC), which cements the center’s goal to provide AS degrees to 150 students per year in the dual-enrollment biotech program. The $25 million construction project is funded by New Jersey’s Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act. The 6,500-square-foot DNALC will contain two teaching labs, a bioinformatics lab, and a research/supply chain lab (in part to produce Taq polymerase). The DNALC will serve biotech students, as well as students enrolled in PCTI’s Biomedical STEM Academy and AP Biology. Importantly, the new DNALC will provide lab field trips, summer camps, and DNA barcoding projects for middle and high schools throughout Passaic County, which have among the lowest science achievement scores in the US. The project is led by Ted Szczawinski, PCTI Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, and Steven Rose, President of PCCC. We have a strong advocate in Geoff Gordon, PCCC Director of Special Projects, who, as superintendent, steered Port Washington into the Wall Street Journal’s top 10 high schools in the US.

Mexico City


Since 2013 the DNALC has been in licensing discussions with representatives from the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA) and Mexican Health Academies, as well as Mexican researchers and business owners. Ultimately, this collaboration aims to bring biotechnology and genomic research to buttress the agricultural sector of Michoacán State, which is the number one high-value agricultural producer in Mexico, and to support the development of several DNA Learning Centers in Mexico City and surrounding states. An Urban DNA Barcoding Research Program has already begun in Mexico City. Teachers are being trained as research mentors by faculty from the University of Mexico (UNAM), and are supported by licensed equipment footlockers.

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