DNA Learning Center NYC

A collaboration of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and the City University of New York

DNALC NYC facade rendering

A new DNALC at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) in downtown Brooklyn is open!

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Programs include high school and middle school field trips during the academic year, summer camps, extended research projects, and presentations for the public. Mentor training for teachers and mobile equipment footlockers support in-school experiments. DNALC NYC at City Tech is staffed by educators and Ph.D. biologists who have been trained to deliver an exceptional learning experience to every visitor.

DNALC NYC is located on the City Tech campus at the corner of Tillary and Adams Streets, with convenient access to Brooklyn, Queens, lower Manhattan, and central New Jersey. Ten subway lines stop within several blocks and there is ample room for bus drop-off.

The DNALC is proud to have found a new home at City Tech, a unique two- and four-year institution. City Tech is one of 25 campuses of City University of New York (CUNY), the largest urban university system in the U.S. Boasting world-class academics and award-winning faculty, today’s CUNY attracts exceptional students. Founded in April 1946, the City Tech campus enrolls over 17,000 students in schools of Professional Studies, Technology and Design, and Arts and Sciences.

Field Trips

Half- and full-day lab field trips for students in grades 5–12 employ techniques and tools used by research scientists in the fields of genetics, biotechnology, and molecular biology. The experiences embody key concepts and process skills of the New York State Science Learning Standards and Core Curriculum and complement Intermediate Level Science, Living Environment, and Advanced Placement Biology coursework. Scholarships are available for Title I schools.

Check the Lab Matrix for guidance on grade-appropriate lab selections.

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students in a DNALC classroom
St. Davids School students with DNALC educator

Partner Members Program

Partners Program customized in-school instruction can bolster existing courses or aid in redeveloping science scope and sequence to emphasize student research. Senior DNALC staff work with school leadership and teachers to develop an enrichment program tailored to fit each school’s curriculum and academic needs. 

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Student Research

Just as the unique pattern of bars in a universal product code (UPC) identifies each consumer product, a “DNA barcode” is a variable DNA sequence that can identify living thing. The DNALC has developed a user-friendly lab and computer infrastructure for DNA barcode research that supports one of the largest citizen science projects in the world. DNALC NYC is now the hub for the popular Urban Barcode Project and Urban Barcode Research Program.

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students gathered to present scientific posters
a student pours an agarose gel while another looks on


Summer Camps

Fun and challenging weeklong camps for science enthusiasts entering grades 6–12 are offered each summer—in person. Guided by experienced instructors, students use sophisticated lab and computer equipment to perform experiments several grade levels ahead of their peers. Kit-based virtual camps are also offered.

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dnalc nyc floor plan
dnalc nyc brooklyn location

The Facility

DNALC NYC at City Tech occupies a renovated 17,500 square-foot space. The new center has six teaching labs with state-of-the-art equipment, two bioinformatics computer labs, a lunchroom, and an exhibition.

Directions to DNALC NYC

Laboratory classroom with eight desks and an intstructor counter in front of a white board and smartboard monitor. Shelves in the background hold microscopes and other scientific supplies
Classroom with curved desks and yellow chair focusing on large smartboard monitor
View of museum exhibition with a mummy sculpture in a glass case, a replica burial sculpture, and museum labeling mounted on walls will large mural backdrops
Lunchroom with light colored wood tables with yellow chairs. Ceiling includes hanging blue shapes meant to resemble surfaces within a cell.

CSHL DNA Learning Center NYC