Marker Animation

Watch the animation to learn more about why genetic markers offer important clues in the hunt for genes.

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1072. Identifying Genes - Polymorphic Markers

Professor Jonathan Finch describes one technique for identifying genes in rodents.

  • ID: 1072
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15908. Maps and markers

The critical first step to mapping the genome involved finding genetic markers. These markers are unique sequences that provide orientation points in the genome landscape.

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15177. Seeing who has the marker, Barbara Weber

Barbara Weber shows how information from her study on genetic markers associated with inherited breast cancer indicated which family members were at increased risk and which were not.

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  • Source: DNAi

15704. Gene markers on chromosomes

By 1990, King had found a "landmark" that helped her fix the gene's position on a chromosome. This DNA marker was on chromosome 17, and was linked to breast cancer in a subset of the families she studied. She teamed up with Francis Collins in a race to f

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15128. Importance of genetic maps, Mary-Claire King

Mary-Claire King talks about the tedious process of hunting for genes in the days before genetic maps (based on thousands of markers) were readily available.

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16832. Problem 39: A genome is an entire set of genes.

Locate a disease gene by screening for markers linked to the gene.

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15081. Finding out, Denise

Denise talks about the emotional moment when she found out she had been spared the "family curse."

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16102. Genetic and physical mapping

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15092. Studying the Y chromosome to understand population origins and migration, Michael Hammer

Evolutionary geneticist Michael Hammer speaks about the markers used to analyze DNA variation in the Y chromosome.

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16812. Animation 39: A genome is an entire set of genes.

James Watson describes sequencing the human genome using markers and BACs, and Craig Venter explains using cDNA libraries, ESTs, and shotgun sequencing.

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