Gallery 37: Drosophila eyeless mutant

Ectopic expression of the homeotic gene eyeless causes the formation of eye structures on a Drosophila leg.

ectopic expression, homeotic gene, eye structures

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16782. Problem 37: Master genes control basic body plans.

Explore Drosophila development and embryonic protein distribution.

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16759. Concept 37: Master genes control basic body plans.

Fruit fly mutaitons provided keys to understanding the molecular basis of large-scale developmental plans.

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16760. Animation 37: Master genes control basic body plans.

Eric Wieschaus and Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard explain research of Drosophila's developmental stages, and Ed Lewis presents homeotic mutations.

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16687. Concept 33: Genes can be turned on and off.

Organisms can regulate gene expression.

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1721. 3D Gene Expression

Like all brains, insect brains have different structures that accomplish specific tasks. Dr. Josh Dubnau introduces a technique for examining gene expression in the brains of fruit flies.

  • ID: 1721
  • Source: G2C

1719. Fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster)

The fruit fly is easy to maintain, has large numbers of offspring, and grows quickly. The fruit fly shares with humans a number of so-called “master,” or homeotic, genes.

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16781. Biography 37: Edward Lewis (1918-2004)

Ed Lewis characterized one of the first homeotic mutations.

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516. Expression of the DISC1 Gene

Professor David Porteous explains that DISC1 is expressed prominently in the hippocampus. More specifically, it is expressed in the mitochondria of hippocampal cells.

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  • Source: G2C

16735. Concept 36: Different genes are active in different kinds of cells.

Cells differentiate because specific enzymes turn genes on and off in various cell types.

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15276. Genes control the structure of proteins, François Jacob

François Jacob talks about Genes control the structure of proteins

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