Gallery 22: Marshall Nirenberg at the White House.

Marshall Nirenberg at the White House explaining the genetic code to President Lyndon Johnson.

Marshall Nirenberg, White House, genetic code , President Lyndon Johnson

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15683. Marshall Nirenberg and President Lyndon Johnson

Marshall Nirenberg (second left) explaining the genetic code to President Lyndon Johnson (second right)

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16498. Gallery 22: Marshall Nirenberg, 1999

Marshall Nirenberg at the NIH, 1999. He is holding one of the original charts with 'code-cracking' data.

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16506. Video 22: Marshall Nirenberg, clip 3

Working out the base compositions for the codons in the genetic code.

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16509. Video 22: Marshall Nirenberg, clip 6

Doing the experiments to determine whether the genetic code is universal, and their subsequent philosophical impact.

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16507. Video 22: Marshall Nirenberg, clip 4

Using charged tRNAs to prove triplet nature of the genetic code, and to determine the base sequences of codons

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15351. Cracking the code in the 1960s, Marshall Nirenberg

Marshall Nirenberg talks about Cracking the code in the 1960s.

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15883. The other codons: Nirenberg and the genetic code

After the easy codons, exact triplets had to be made in order to finish deciphering the rest. Marshall Nirenberg and a group of scientists including Maxine Singer, Marianne Grunberg-Manago, Phil Leder were involved in this process. Har Gobind Khorana al

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16497. Gallery 22: Marshall Nirenberg, 1960

Marshall Nirenberg in his office at the NIH, 1960.

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15885. Cell-free extracts

Paul Zamecnik first developed the cell-free extract system, which Marshall Nirenberg adapted to decipher the genetic code. Paul Zamecnik and Mahlon Hoagland also isolated activated tRNA, the "adaptor" that shuttled amino acids to ribsomes for incorporati

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15882. Breaking the code

Marshall Nirenberg and Heinrich Matthaei used poly-U mRNA in a cell-free system to make a polyphenylalanine protein chain. This showed that UUU must be the code that specifies the amino acid phenylalanine.

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