GeneChips® are the basis for large-scale genomic studies that analyze the action of tens of thousands of genes at once.

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15919. GeneChip™

In the early 1990s, Stephen Fodor and his team developed a technique to produce miniature arrays of biological molecules

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15715. Stephen Fodor

Stephen Fodor is Chairman and CEO of Affymetrix, Inc

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15083. Making DNA chips, Stephen Fodor

Stephen Fodor talks about the photolithographic technique used to synthesize pieces of DNA on the surface of GeneChips®.

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15052. Effects of DNA variation on health, Stephen Fodor

Stephen Fodor talks about the need to look broadly across the genome to find the relationship between genes and health in different people.

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16115. Personalized medicine, Stephen Fodor

Stephen Fodor personalized medicine.

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15051. How GeneChip™ was developed (Part II), Stephen Fodor

Stephen Fodor continues his discussion of the experiments that laid the groundwork for GeneChip™ technology.

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15635. Patrick Brown and Stephen Fodor

Patrick Brown (L) and Stephen Fodor (R).

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16757. Biography 36: Stephen P. A. Fodor (1953- )

Steve Fodor changed the way genomes can be screened with GeneChips®.

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15053. Gene profile and response to treatment, Stephen Fodor

Stephen Fodor talks about how an individual's gene expression profile can help determine what therapies might work best.

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15049. GeneChip™ technology, Stephen Fodor

Stephen Fodor talks about bringing the knowledge gathered by the Human Genome Project to the individual researcher.

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