Messenger RNA, Matthew Meselson

Interviewee: Matt Meselson. Matt Meselson also had a hand in Sydney Brenner's RNA experiment. He talks about the experiment and how they waited for James Watson's group to finished their RNA work before publishing. (DNAi Location: Code > Copying the code > Players > Matt Meselson > Messenger RNA experiment)

The experiment that had been designed by Francois and Sydney was just the right experiment to ask if there was another kind of RNA on the ribosomes, we knew the ribosomes were the site of protein synthesis, something other than their own RNA, namely the messenger, that was short-lived and so we did that experiment. Meanwhile, Jim and Francois Gros and Howard Hyatt and Curland and a bunch of other people were doing another kind of experiment to detect ribos... messenger RNA here at Harvard. And we finished I think a few months ahead, and so Jim asked us to wait and we did, our papers were published in the very same issue of Nature, I think it was in May 1961.

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