Human, Neandertals, Chimpanzee

Phylogenetic relationships of modern humans, Neandertals, and chimps.

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  • ID: 16094
  • Source: DNALC.DNAi

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16095. Chimp, Human, Neandertal HVR1

Variation between mtDNA (HVR1) samples from chimp, Neandertal and human.

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16088. mtDNA tree all humans; Macaulay

Mitochondrial genome sequences humans populations modern MRCA most recent common ancestor ancestry relationships phylogenetic trees mtDNA Macaulay.

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16093. Out of Africa versus Multiregionalism

Two theories are discussedfor the descendancy of modern humans: the Out Of Africa (OOA) and the Multiregionalism (MRT) theories

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16611. Problem 27: Mutations are changes in genetic information.

Use mutations to measure human evolution.

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16086. Phylogenetic Tree; Macaulay

Phylogenetic tree modern humans mitochondrial genome mtDNA relationships eve bioinformatics

  • ID: 16086
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15194. A common ancestor between us and Neandertal?, Chris Stringer

Human origins expert Chris Stringer talks about Homo heidelbergensis and the Neandertals.

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15592. Human - chimp common ancestor

Family tree image of human and chimp splitting off from a common ancestor.

  • ID: 15592
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15610. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) human family tree

This illustration shows the two major mitochondrial DNA lineages. The lower branch includes only African populations. The upper branch has both African and non-African members.

  • ID: 15610
  • Source: DNAi

15604. Human Neandertal mtDNA tree

Human Neandertal mtDNA tree.

  • ID: 15604
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15846. Ancient Europeans, still image with audio

Ancient Europeans, still image with audio

  • ID: 15846
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