Buck Family pedigree

Slide used by Harry Laughlin of the Buck Family pedigree. (DNAi location: Chronicle > Trial of Carrie Buck > Trial)

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15540. Carrie Buck and Emma Buck

Carrie and Emma Buck on the day before the Buck vs. Bell trial in 1924.

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15733. Buck family pedigree (detail)

Detail of Harry Laughlin's pedigree of the Buck famiiy.

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15778. Buck family pedigree, still image with audio

Following the trial of Buck vs. Bell, a pedigree chart was created displaying the evidence that had been presented to the court.

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15757. Emma Buck's gravestone

Emma Buck's gravestone

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15841. Carrie and Emma Buck

A photo of Carrie and her mother Emma was taken the day before the Virginia trial.

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15209. Carrie and Emma Buck the day before the trial, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo discusses Carrie and Emma Buck's state of mind prior to the Buck vs. Bell trial.

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15235. The father of Carrie Buck's child, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about the father of Carrie Buck's child.

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15210. Misdiagnosis of Carrie Buck, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about Emma and Carrie Buck lived long lives and it is doubtful that either was mentally ill.

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15216. The death of Emma Buck, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about although she tried several times, Carrie was never able to bring her mother Emma home from the Virginia Colony.

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15220. The Buck vs. Bell decision, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about the case conluded that Carrie, Emma, and Vivian represented three generations of imbeciles, which justified Carrie's sterilization.

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