Candidate Genes for Depression

The search for candidate genes for depression is complicated by complex gene-environment interactions and the fact that the disorder takes many different forms.

Advances in genomic technology have added considerable power to the search for genes associated with depression. The irony of these developments is that they paint an increasingly complex picture. The intriguing interplay between genes and environment are at the heart of this complexity, and uncovering these dynamics promises to shed new light on the nature of cognition. In addition to the relatively large contribution of environmental factors to its etiology, the search for candidate genes for depression is further complicated by the fact that the disorder takes many different forms. The genes 5-HTT, BDNF, and TPH2 have attracted much attention in recent years but results linking them to depression have been inconsistent. Recent pharmacogenetics studies have additionally associated FKBP5 and HTR2A with depression, and with response to antidepressants in particular.

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