Video 33: Walter Gilbert, clip 3

Walter Gilbert is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard University. In 1980, he won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on DNA sequencing.

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16697. Video 33: Walter Gilbert, clip 4

How Jacob and Monod showed the existence of the inhibitor (what Gilbert calls the repressor).

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16698. Video 33: Walter Gilbert, clip 5

Jacob and Monod never identified the inhibitor, but Gilbert found it.

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16694. Video 33: Walter Gilbert, clip 1

Before Jacob and Monod, people thought the amount of protein in a cell was constant and proteins turned themselves off.

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16695. Video 33: Walter Gilbert, clip 2

Jacob and Monod discovered that genes control the amount of protein in a cell.

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16700. Video 33: Walter Gilbert, clip 7

To explain their data, Jacob and Monod had to hypothesize the existence of mRNA.

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16699. Video 33: Walter Gilbert, clip 6

What we know about gene regulation today.

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16526. Biography 23: Frederick Sanger (1918-2013)

Frederick Sanger received two Nobel prizes (in the same category), for his work on protein sequencing and DNA sequencing.

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15884. The lac operon

Francois Jacob and Jaçques Monod figured out how bacteria controlled the production of an enzyme called beta-galactosidase. This system of feedback and negative regulation became the lac operon and was the first model for the control of protein productio

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15927. Isolating DNA to make human insulin

Walter Gilbert's group tried to isolate the human insulin DNA sequence using the rat insulin DNA sequence.

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16702. Biography 33: François Jacob (1920 - )

François Jacob and Jacques Monod were the first to discover how genes were turned on and off.

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