Gallery 20: Matt Meselson and Frank Stahl, 1984

Matt Meselson and Frank Stahl in Oregon on a walk in the Cascade Mountains, 1984.

Matt Meselson, Frank Stahl, Oregon, Cascade Mountains

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15879. Semi-conservative replication

Matt Meselson and Frank Stahl's

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16446. Gallery 20: Frank and Mary Stahl, 1956 (1)

Frank Stahl and his wife Mary. The photo was taken in 1956 by Matt Meselson.

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15880. Models of DNA replication

Three different models of DNA replication were proposed. Matt Meselson and Frank Stahl's experiment supported only one of the models.

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16444. Gallery 20: Harry Rubin, Max Delbrück, Rene Cohen, Matt Meselson, and Frank Stahl

The annual "degree granting" party of Max Delbrück's phage group held in the house shared by Meselson and Stahl at Caltech. (L-R) Harry Rubin, Max Delbrück, Rene Cohen, Matt Meselson, Frank Stahl.

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16456. Video 20: Frank Stahl, clip 3

Recounting how the seminal "Meselson-Stahl" experiment was only performed 3 times, with one set of results discarded due to mislabelled tubes!

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16455. Video 20: Frank Stahl, clip 2

Describing how he first met Matthew Meselson.

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16454. Video 20: Frank Stahl, clip 1

Describing his first meeting with James Watson and Matthew Meselson.

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16457. Video 20: Frank Stahl, clip 4

On whether, upon completing their seminal experiment, Max Delbrück locked Meselson and Stahl in a cabin to force them to write up their results for publishing - how the great scientists are always looking to the "next result."

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16467. Biography 20: Franklin William Stahl (1929-)

Franklin Stahl and Matthew Meselson invented the technique of density gradient centrifugation and used this to prove that DNA is replicated semi-conservatively.

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15331. Proposed models of DNA replication, Matthew Meselson

Matt Meselson talks about the different models that were considered before their experiment.

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