Walter Gilbert (1986)

image of Walter Gilbert. Already a well-known and respected scientist, Gilbert co-founded a biotech company, Biogen, in the late 1970s. Today, Biogen is one of the largest biotech companies in the world.

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15643. Genentech

Genentech, the first biotechnology company, established in 1976.

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16549. Biography 24: Phillip Allen Sharp (1944- )

Phil Sharp and Richard Roberts shared the 1993 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the split gene theory.

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15646. Herbert Boyer

Image of Herbert Boyer. From lineman on the varsity football team to co-founder of the first biotech company, Boyer has never lacked imagination, drive, or vision. His and Stanley Cohen's recombinant DNA work paved the way for the biotech revolution.

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16807. Biography 38: Howard Robert Horvitz (1947 - )

Bob Horvitz and Mike Hengartner used C. elegans to work out the mechanism of programmed cell death.

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15691. Walter Gilbert (1987)

Child prodigy and yet another physics convert, Gilbert was a Harvard physics professor who found himself spending more and more time in biology laboratories. His switch to biology helped foster a new generation of scientists.

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15258. Government restrictions on working with recombinant DNA, Walter Gilbert

In the late 1970s, there was a moratorium on recombinant DNA work. Gilbert had to go to England's Porton Down facility to try and isolate human insulin.

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15927. Isolating DNA to make human insulin

Walter Gilbert's group tried to isolate the human insulin DNA sequence using the rat insulin DNA sequence.

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15089. Stock in Genentech, David Goeddel

In 1980, Genentech became the first publicly traded biotech company. David Goeddel talks about his investment.

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15029. The meeting that started the first biotech company, Herbert Boyer

Herb Boyer talks about the fateful meeting, which led to the establishment of the first biotech company.

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15032. Naming the first biotech company, Herbert Boyer

Herb Boyer talks about how the first biotech company got its name.

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