The relationship with James Watson, Craig Venter

Interviewee: Craig Venter. Craig Venter talks about the relationship with James Watson. (DNAi Location: Timeline>1990-2000-> Venter remembers...)

I think Watson and I have a lot in common and it's sort of been a love-hate relationship in the early stages. I think in the end he's probably appreciated what I've accomplished but it saddens me because we could have accomplished so much more so much sooner, had there been co-operation instead of all the antagonism and people being threatened by the new techniques. It's sort of the history of science keeps repeating itself over and over again. You know, Pasteur and other people had these same encounters, you know, the new ideas were viewed as threats to the status quo and so they had to go out and find independent sources of funding. But I think anybody that has strong intellectual ideas and really wants to pursue them feels the urgency to go ahead and do that, whether it's the sense of competition or the sense of just wanting to really accomplish something.

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