The media at Asilomar, Sydney Brenner

Interviewee: Sydney Brenner. Sydney Brenner talks about his suggestion that the Press switch off their tape recorders at Asilomar. (DNAi Location: Manipulation > Revolution > Putting it together > Sydney Brenner on the Press at Asilomar)

Everybody was worried about a cover-up, you see the, Watergate's echoes were so strong. Very few Europeans understood that, but they were so strong, the idea of self-service and cover-up were what is, you know, what are the scientists trying to conceal, sort of thing. So I think that that was, I remember the very first day, all the Press were there, and there was a motion that there was an official tape-recording, and there was a motion that people might wish to speak of free accord. And so they agreed they would switch off the tape, the official tape, if everything, so the question is, would the Press have to switch off their tapes as well. And there was a vote on this and I was the only one who voted for the Press switching off the tape.

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