Genentech's company policy, Herbert Boyer

Interviewee: Herbert Boyer. Herb Boyer talks about his and Bob Swanson's vision on combining the best of academia, industry and business. (DNAi Location: Manipulation > Production > Players > Herbert Boyer >The company policy.)

We've got to hire young people that have the enthusiasm and energy and we, most importantly we have to give them the right to publish what they do. And Bob had, he was a little recalcitrant about that part of it, and so we finally worked out a policy where we'll have patent attorneys and as soon as somebody has something and it's going to be published they've got to get the patent done, they can't take two years and keep this work, you know, under wraps. And I thought that was very important for attracting talented young scientists and it would give them peer recognition. One of the problems I had with the traditional pharmaceutical industry was that I didn't know the scientists in these firms, you didn't read about what they did, there was some publications but they weren't part of the scientific community.

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