Woman using a micropipette with test tube with video camera in the foreground

Student Field Trips

We welcome classes to all DNALC locations for In-Person Labs! We also continue to offer Virtual Field Trips. Choose an option below to learn more.


    In-Person Lab

    at a DNA Learning Center



    Reserve a trip for students to experience hands-on labs in one of our state-of-the-art laboratory classrooms. In-Person field trips are offered at the Dolan DNALC in Cold Spring Harbor, DNALC NYC in Brooklyn, Harlem DNA Lab, and Regeneron DNALC in Sleepy Hollow. DNALC educators and PhD. biologists are trained to deliver an exceptional learning experience to every visitor.


    Live Demonstration Lab

    No kit required


    Live Demonstration Labs are scheduled when it is convenient for your class, with live instruction by a DNALC educator. Lab sessions include a demonstration of wet lab techniques, discussion of relevant concepts, and analysis of results. Students interact with the educator in real time, but do not perform a hands-on lab. For bioinformatics labs, students can follow along on their own computers during the session.


    Live Hands-On Lab

    Kit provided


    Live Hands-On Labs are scheduled when it is convenient for your class. In addition to a demonstration of wet lab techniques, discussion of relevant concepts, and analysis of results, students perform all or part of the wet lab alongside the DNALC educator. Individual kits (containing consumable materials not to be shared) are distributed to students, who can complete the lab either in school or from home.


    On-Demand Lab

    Kit provided


    Pre-recorded On-Demand Lab instruction with student kits offers flexibility in the timing and location of lab instruction. Each On-Demand field trip includes 1 to 3 hours of video instruction and individual student kits to complete a lab independently or together as a class. Teachers can use videos during class or as assignments, while still providing a hands-on lab experience. Access to videos will be set for a limited window of time.


Use the table below as a guide for selecting field trip activities for your group.

Activity Gr 5 Gr 6 Gr 7 Gr 8 Gr 9 Gr 10 Gr 11 Gr 12 In-Person Live Demo Live Hands-on On-Demand
Baggie Cell Model 5 6            
Diversity of Life 5 6                
DNA Models 5 6            
Observing Mutant Organisms 5 6            
Mendelian Inheritance 5 6                
DNA Extraction from Wheat Germ 5 6 7 8        
Pollen Tells a Story 5 6 7 8            
Ötzi FURensics 5 6 7 8            
Mystery of Anastasia (computer) 5 6 7 8            
New! Dust Away Crime: Fingerprints 5 6 7 8        
Bubbling Liver   6 7              
Bubbling Potatoes   6 7          
Enzymatic Food Production   6 7          
Better Milk for Cats   6 7          
Bacteria and Antibiotics   6 7              
Viral Infection   6 7              
Glowing Genes   6 7 8          
New! RNA Transcription   6 7 8        
Protein Purification     7 8            
Gene Therapy     7 8            
DNA Fingerprint 7 8            
Our Human Inheritance, featuring Ötzi 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 *    
DNA Restriction Analysis       8 9 10 11 12    
Bacterial Transformation       8 9 10 11 12  
DNA Fingerprint     9 10 11 12    
Forensic DNA Profiling
          10 11 12
Detecting a Jumping Gene (formerly Human DNA Fingerprinting)           10 11 12
Human Mitochondrial Sequencing           10 11 12
GMO: Detecting
Genetically Modified Foods

            11 12
PTC: Using a SNP to Predict
Bitter Tasting Ability

            11 12
Barcoding: Using DNA Barcodes to
Identify and Classify Living Things

            11 12
Extended Jumping Genes: Using an Alu Insertion Polymorphism to Study Human Populations
          10 11 12
Bioinformatics: Tracing Human Evolution           10 11 12    
Bioinformatics: Using Alu Insertions to Study Population Genetics           10 11 12    
Bioinformatics: Barcoding & Phylogenetics             11 12    

* Available only at the Dolan DNALC in Cold Spring Harbor.

** Available only at the DNALC NYC in Brooklyn.