New York Stories: DNA Fingerprinting - Detecting the Alu polymorphism in human DNA

This is the second in a series of mini-documentaries about past or current work of notable scientists based at New York institutions. The vodcasts are produced by New York high school students with the help of the DNALC.

DNA; gene; genetics; New York; high school; Alu, polymorphism, population genetics, Kobilinsky, Trinity, fingerprint, gel electrophoresis, PCR, Hipkens, John Jay College

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16995. New York Stories: Restriction Enzyme Analysis

New York high school students interview Dr. Scott Lowe of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center about using restriction enzyme analysis in cancer research, then perform the experiment.

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16899. Urban Barcode Project: Student Projects

TeaBOL is a DNA barcoding project where New York City students explored the genetic biodiversity of different tea brands.

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16898. New York Stories: Martin Chalfie and Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)

New York high school students interview Nobel Laureate, Dr. Martin Chalfie of Columbia University, then perform the experiment with green fluorescent protein (GFP) that he pioneered.

  • ID: 16898
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16134. GMO gel

Gel photo of PCR amplification to detect GMO or transgenes in food.

  • ID: 16134
  • Source: DNAi

16993. New York Stories: Exploring Mutant Organisms - The Fly Room

New York high school students set out to find Thomas Hunt Morgan's "Fly Room" at Columbia University, where seminal genetics research took place in the early 20th century.

  • ID: 16993
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16897. The Urban Barcode Project: Explore New York City's DNA!

The Urban Barcode Project is a science competition where high school students use DNA barcoding to explore genetic biodiversity in New York City.

  • ID: 16897
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16515. Animation 23: A gene is a discrete sequence of DNA nucleotides.

Fred Sanger outlines DNA sequencing.

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16549. Biography 24: Phillip Allen Sharp (1944- )

Phil Sharp and Richard Roberts shared the 1993 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the split gene theory.

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15582. DNA fingerprint

DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting, gel analysis

  • ID: 15582
  • Source: DNAi