Gallery 34: Stanley Cohen

Stanley Cohen, Stanford University professor.

stanford university professor, stanley cohen, professor stanley

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16107. Depressed about Asilomar, Stanley Cohen

Stanley Cohen talks about depressed about Asilomar.

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16707. Gallery 34: Stanley Cohen (1)

Stanley Cohen on one of his many hikes.

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16033. Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer, 1972

Genes can be moved between species.

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16721. Biography 34: Herb W. Boyer (1936 - )

Herb Boyer and Stan Cohen "invented" recombinant DNA technology.

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15915. The first recombinant DNA

Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer's historic experiment used techniques to cut and paste DNA to create the first custom-made organism containing recombined or "recombinant" DNA.

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16103. Scare scenarios, Stanley Cohen

Stanley Cohen talks about scare scenarios.

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15074. Taking apart plasmid DNA, Stanley Cohen

Stanley Cohen speaks about his and Herbert Boyer's experiment to make the first plasmid that had been engineered to contain foreign DNA.

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16575. Gallery 26: Stanley Miller, 1997

Stanley Miller, 1997.

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15626. Paul Berg and Stanley Cohen

Herbert Boyer: Former varsity lineman turned biotech bigwig. Expert at cutting DNA before most people knew it could be done. Stanley Cohen: A born tinkerer; figured out the trick of using loops of DNA called plasmids to transform bacterial DNA

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15916. DNA transformation

Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer inserted the recombinant DNA molecule they created into E. coli bacteria by means of a plasmid, thereby inducing the uptake and expression of a foreign DNA sequence known as "transformation."

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