HIV/SIV Genome Maps

Human Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Gene Genome, Open Reading Frame, ORF, Spliced gene, Splicing, Reverse Transcriptase, Viral Pathogenesis

open reading frame,genome maps,viral pathogenesis,gene splicing,siv,sykes,hiv,virus

  • ID: 16085
  • Source: DNALC.DNAi

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16140. HIV SIV Tree


  • ID: 16140
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16135. HIV jumps barrier zoonosis

Image showing Watson and Crick, chimp, macaques, HIV virus particles.

  • ID: 16135
  • Source: DNAi

16588. Animation 27: Mutations are changes in genetic information.

Herman Muller induces fruit fly mutations. Seymour Benzer works with virus mutants ans proved only one nucleotide change can cause mutation.

  • ID: 16588
  • Source: DNALC.DNAFTB

16834. Animation 40: Living things share common genes.

Mike Wigler shows how all organisms share similar genes, called homologs.

  • ID: 16834
  • Source: DNALC.DNAFTB

15158. Bridging evolutionary barriers, Robert Pollack

Renowned biologist and philosopher Robert Pollack reflects on his concern over the potential danger of Janet Mertz's experiment inserting a cancer-causing gene from a monkey virus into a bacterium that lives in humans.

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  • Source: DNAi

16552. Animation 25: Some viruses store genetic information in RNA.

David Baltimore and Howard Temin explain work on the Rous sarcoma virus.

  • ID: 16552
  • Source: DNALC.DNAFTB

15415. Chromosome 20: gene for adenosine deaminase, Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley talks about chromosome 20, gene for adenosine deaminase.

  • ID: 15415
  • Source: DNAi

16569. Problem 25: Some viruses store genetic information in RNA.

Explore the reverse transcriptase mechanism.

  • ID: 16569
  • Source: DNALC.DNAFTB

16561. Gallery 25: Infection of H-9 cells with the MN strain of HIV-1 virus, electromicrograph 4

Mature virus particles released from host cell.

  • ID: 16561
  • Source: DNAFTB

16567. Biography 25: David Baltimore (1938- )

David Baltimore, Howard Temin and Renato Dulbecco shared the 1975 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discoveries concerning the interaction between tumor viruses and the genetic material of the cell.

  • ID: 16567
  • Source: DNAFTB