Arthur Estabrook, still image with audio

Arthur Estabrook was perhaps the most successful of all the field workers trained at the Eugenics Record Office. Estabrook did a study of the Nam family, a study of the Jukes family in 1915, and was called away from fieldwork in Kentucky, to testify in person at the case of Buck vs. Bell. He examined Carrie Buck, her mother and her daughter, declaring them morally delinquent, socially inadequate, and feebleminded. (DNAi location: Chronicle > Trial of Carrie Buck > Players)

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15218. The first witness at Buck vs. Bell trial, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about Arthur Estabrook, a psychologist for the Eugenics Record office, testified that Carrie, her daughter Vivian, and her mother Emma were all feeblminded.

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15229. Wrongs of Buck vs. Bell, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about Buck vs. Bell was based on the myth that genetically flawed families could be identified and eliminated.

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15729. John Bell and Carrie Buck

The 17 year-old protagonist of the Buck vs. Bell case, Carrie Buck, was pitted against an array of doctors, lawyers, and eugenicists who were intent on sterilizing her, including John Bell, the superintendent of the Virginia Colony for Epileptics and Feeb

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15830. Carrie Buck's wedding photograph, still image with audio by Paul Lombardo

Carrie Buck sent this photo, taken on her wedding day in 1933, to Dr. Bell, still at the colony.

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15540. Carrie Buck and Emma Buck

Carrie and Emma Buck on the day before the Buck vs. Bell trial in 1924.

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15205. The day before Buck vs. Bell, Paul Lombardo

The day before the Virginia case, Arthur Estabrook photographed Carrie and Emma on a bench located at this spot in the Virginia Colony.

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15838. Vivian Dobbs

Carrie Buck's daughter Vivian was found to be feebleminded at the age of about seven months.

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15724. Nam family members, photo by Arthur Estabrook,1912

While positive eugenics highlighted the achievements of "fit" families, negative eugenics focused on "unfit" families who were burdened with degenerate traits such as feeblemindedness, alcoholism, pauperism, and criminality.

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15837. Vivian Dobbs

Carrie's daughter, Vivian Dobbs, was found to be feebleminded.

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15778. Buck family pedigree, still image with audio

Following the trial of Buck vs. Bell, a pedigree chart was created displaying the evidence that had been presented to the court.

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