Making GeneChips™ at Affymetrix

Here you can see a technician shuttling a quartz wafer (containing 50-400 GeneChips™) between alternating photolithography and DNA synthesis steps.

quartz wafer,synthesis steps,dna synthesis,photolithography

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15661. Making GeneChips™ at Affymetrix

Affymetrix, the makers of GeneChip™ arrays.

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15666. Making GeneChips® at Affymetrix

The quartz wafer is in the holding position on the DNA synthesizer. The wafer is moved to a vertical reaction vessel for the process of DNA chain elongation.

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15665. Making GeneChips™ at Affymetrix

A technician loads a quartz wafer into the DNA synthesizer, where nucleotides will be added to selected sequences to build probes.

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15664. Making GeneChips® at Affymetrix

A technician uses a computer guiding system to align the filter mask in perfect register with the quartz wafer. The filter mask will block light to selected regions of the wafer. More nucleotides can be added to the exposed regions.

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15667. Making GeneChips® at Affymetrix

Here a technician aligns a quartz wafer, from which 50-400 GeneChips are prepared for mounting.

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15087. Genentech's approach to making insulin, David Goeddel

David Goeddel was one of the first scientists Herb Boyer hired for the insulin project. Here, David Goeddel talks about Genentech's general strategy for synthesizing insulin.

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16096. Pigment Biosynthesis in Plants

Shows the biosynthetic pathways that lead to the synthesis of carotenoids and anthocyanins in plants.

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15878. DNA synthesis

Arthur Kornberg isolated the first enzyme, DNA polymerase I, which can make new DNA strands.

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16574. Gallery 26: Apparatus used by Stanley Miller

Apparatus used by Stanley Miller in the synthesis of organic molecules.

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