Chromosomes and DNA

Chromosomes, DNA


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15558. Chromosome coiling

An image (from 3D animation) of DNA coiling into a chromosome

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16034. Roger Kornberg, 1974

A chromosome is a package for DNA.

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15246. Winning the race to find BRCA1, Mark Skolnick

Mark Skolnick discusses how luck was a major element that helped his team win the race to find and clone BRCA1.

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15520. DNA is organized into 46 chromosomes including sex chromosomes, 3D animation

DNA is organized into 46 chromosomes including sex chromosomes, 3D animation

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15893. Zooming in on the x chromosome.

Each chromosome consists of one continuous thread-like molecule of DNA coiled tightly around proteins, and contains a portion of the 6,400,000,000 basepairs (DNA building blocks) that make up your DNA.

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16626. Concept 29: DNA is packaged in a chromosome.

Each chromosome is a package for one very long, continuous strand of DNA.

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16660. Gallery 31: mys inserted in chromosomes

Repetitive DNA can have preferred insertion sites. In this example, yellow represents the distribution of mys (a type of LINE) over a mouse genome where chromosomes are orange. There are more mys inserted in the sex (X) chromosomes.

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16638. Gallery 29: Chromosome with histone stripped

Electron micrograph of the DNA and the protein scaffold left over from one chromosome (insert) with all the histone stripped out.

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15606. Y chromosome

The Y chromosome.

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15310. Cell division and DNA, Jim Kent

Jim Kent talks about cell division and DNA.

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