The impact of the Buck vs. Bell trial, Paul Lombardo

Interviewee: Paul Lombardo. Although the Virginia statute included safeguards, many people deemed "unfit" were sterilized without their knowledge. (DNAi Location: Chronicle > Trial of Carrie Buck > Outcome > Sterilization's unknowing victims)

Following the Buck trial the precedent had been set for people to be coercively sterilized by the State. Unfortunately the provisions that were written into the Virginia law, and lots of other laws like it were not followed in the future. Many people were sterilized without having been told that that was the operation they would endure. Many others never learned that they were sterilized until years later, when they tried to have children.

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15836. Aubrey Strode, still image with audio

Aubrey Strode was the lawyer who wrote the Virginia statute that became the sterilization law.

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15222. Photo of Carrie Buck and her mother, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about the only photograph of Carrie Buck with her mother Emma, taken the day before she would stand trial before the collective onslaught of the American eugenics movement.

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15839. Virginia Sterilization Act

Virginia Sterilization Act. Source: Paul Lombardo, University of Virginia.

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15213. Forced sterilizations in the U.S., Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about Virginia was the 14th of 30 states to pass a eugenic sterilization law.

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Paul Lombardo talks about Amherst County Courthouse was the first step of a legal case that would lead all the way to the Supreme Court.

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mma and Carrie Buck were committed to the Virginia Colony because they were unmarried mothers and were considered morally delinquent.

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15232. Science and Democracy : Lessons from Buck vs. Bell, Paul Lombardo

Carrie Buck, who was stripped of her right to reproduce, was born only blocks away from Jefferson's rotunda at the University of Virginia, a symbol of American freedom.

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15208. Carrie Buck before the trial, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo discussed Carrie Buck's state of mind before the Buck vs. Bell trial.

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15205. The day before Buck vs. Bell, Paul Lombardo

The day before the Virginia case, Arthur Estabrook photographed Carrie and Emma on a bench located at this spot in the Virginia Colony.

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15212. 1927 Buck vs. Bell trial, Paul Lombardo

Paul Lombardo talks about Carrie's sterilization in context. Carrie's one-hour sterilization took place in 1927, the same year that Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs and Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic.

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