Forced sterilizations in the U.S., Paul Lombardo

Interviewee: Paul Lombardo. Virginia was the 14th of 30 states to pass a eugenic sterilization law. (DNAi Location: Chronicle > Trial of Carrie Buck > Prologue > Sterilization laws in the U.S.)

Sterilizations were performed in institutions from places like Indiana and Connecticut, and Massachusetts, as early as the first decade of the 20th century. The first law to allow this was passed in Indiana in 1907, the second one in California in 1909 [corrected from:1911], Editorial Note: Washington State also passed its law that year, and those states were followed by about a dozen others who had passed laws up to the mid-1920s. Virginia passed its law in 1924 [corrected from: was fourteenth in the nation, passing its law in 1924], setting the stage for the majority of states in the country to have sterilization legislation.

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15768. Legislative status of eugenical sterilization in the United States, 1935.

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