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New York Stories: Restriction Enzyme Analysis

This is the fourth in a series of mini-documentaries about past or current work of notable scientists based at New York institutions. The vodcasts are produced by New York high school students with the help of the DNALC.

Duration: 4 minutes, 53 seconds

Posted: March 20, 2013

DNA; gene; genetics; New York; high school; gel electrophoresis, recombinant, restriction, enzyme, MSKCC, Sloan-Kettering, Lowe, Trinity, cancer, cut site

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16994. New York Stories: DNA Fingerprinting - Detecting the Alu polymorphism in human DNA

New York high school students perform the Alu polymorphism lab then interview Prof. Larry Kobilinsky at John Jay College of Criminal Justice about DNA fingerprinting.

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16529. Animation 24: The RNA message is sometimes edited.

Rich Roberts and Phil Sharp explain restriction enzymes, electrophoresis, and split genes.

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16839. Gallery 40: Harold Varmus

Harold Varmus, President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

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15476. Mechanism of Recombination, 3D animation with with basic narration

Genetic engineering: inserting new DNA into a plasmid vector.

  • ID: 15476
  • Source: DNALC.DNAi

16723. Problem 34: Genes can be moved between species.

Use green fluorescent protein to tag expression of genes.

  • ID: 16723
  • Source: DNALC.DNAFTB

1010. Diagnosis, Targeted therapies

Conventional cancer drugs are cellular poisons that block replication or some other aspect of cell growth. These drugs affect all cells – healthy or cancerous.

  • ID: 1010
  • Source: IC

16869. Problem 41: DNA is only the beginning for understanding the human genome.

Experiment with gene knock outs.

  • ID: 16869
  • Source: DNALC.DNAFTB

16899. Urban Barcode Project: Student Projects

TeaBOL is a DNA barcoding project where New York City students explored the genetic biodiversity of different tea brands.

  • ID: 16899
  • Source: DNALC

16853. Biography 40: Harold Eliot Varmus (1939 -)

Harold Varmus and Mike Bishop worked out how retroviruses transform normal cells to cancerous ones.

  • ID: 16853
  • Source: DNAFTB