Punnett Square Blank

An interactive Punnett Square calculator to work out patterns of inheritance for any autosomal recessive genetic trait or disease.

Use this Punnett square as a tool to work out patterns of autosomal recessive inheritance. Drag and drop an icon from the top for the mother and the father, based on whether they are affected, unaffected, or carriers of a trait or disease. Customize the Punnett square by selecting a letter from the alphabet on the right. Tap MATE and see all possible gene combinations for offspring based on the parents’ genes. A recessive trait/disease results when offspring inherit two copies of a recessive gene (a) – one from each parent. In this case, 1 of 4 possible gene combinations is aa, so 25% of offspring will have the trait/disease. Aa offspring (50%) have one dominant and one recessive gene; they will not have the trait/disease but are “carriers” of the recessive gene. An AA offspring does not have the trait/disease. There is no possibility of passing on a recessive gene (a) to the next generation. An Aa offspring does not have the trait/disease, but is a “healthy carrier” with one copy of the recessive gene (a) that may be passed on to the next generation. An aa offspring has the trait/disease, and will pass the recessive gene (a) on to the next generation. Tap OFFSPRING again to see which of the four possible gene combinations may occur for another pregnancy.

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