Video 15: Thomas Sakmar, clip 2

Thomas Sakmar is a professor at Rockefeller University. His lab works on the role of several proteins involved in photochemistry, specifically how protein structure is related to function. Dr. Sakmar has a personal interest in the work done by Phoebus Levene.

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16352. Video 15: Thomas Sakmar, clip 1

Comments on some of the prevailing theories of the time and Phoebus Levene's basic hypothesis

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16355. Video 15: Thomas Sakmar, clip 4

Did Levene's tetranucleotide theory affect the development of ideas in the field of nucleic acid research?

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16354. Video 15: Thomas Sakmar, clip 3

The work of Erwin Chargaff and how it contributed to the downfall of Levene's tetranucleotide theory.

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16357. Biography 15: Phoebus Aaron Theodor Levene (1869-1940)

Phoebus Levene was an organic chemist in the early 1900's. He is perhaps best known for his incorrect tetranucleotide hypothesis of DNA.

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15672. Phoebus Levene (c. 1930)

Phoebus Levene, circa 1930.

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16342. Animation 15: DNA and proteins are key molecules of the cell nucleus.

Friedrich Miescher and Phoebus Levene research nuclein, protein. and DNA.

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16025. Paul Zamecnik, 1956

RNA is an intermediary between DNA and protein.

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1023. Pathways, Making the protein

In this section learn that in the cytoplasm, the messenger RNA is released from its carrier proteins and binds to a protein assembly complex called a ribosome.

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16017. Francis Crick, 1952

RNA is an intermediary between DNA and protein.

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16028. Sydney Brenner, 1961

RNA is an intermediary between DNA and protein.

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