DNA profile

An image of DNA profile.

alec jeffreys,dna profile,dna profiling

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15587. Alec Jeffreys

An image of Alec Jeffreys.

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15588. Alec Jeffreys, 1989

An image of Alec Jeffrey in 1989.

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15582. DNA fingerprint

DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting, gel analysis

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15583. DNA fingerprint (single locus probe)

DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting.

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15982. The first DNA fingerprint

In 1984, Alec Jeffreys produced the first DNA fingerprint. DNA-based testing methods have evolved over the years, but they still use DNA repeats as the basis for building a DNA profile.

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15106. Naming "DNA fingerprinting"

Alec Jeffreys talks about how he came up with the name.

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15621. Article

Shepherd's Bush Hammersmith Gazette article on the case of Sarbah vs. Home Office (Ghana Immigration Case, 1985

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15622. Article

London Times article announcing the verdict of the case of Sarbah vs. Home Office (Ghana Immigration Case, 1985

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15102. Using tandem repeats for DNA fingerprinting, Alec Jeffreys

Alec Jeffreys (the "inventor" of DNA fingerprinting) explains repeats.

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15111. The first murder case using DNA profiling, Alec Jeffreys

Alec Jeffreys talks about the first murder case using DNA profiling.

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