James Watson with DNA model

A young James Watson holding up a model of the structure of DNA.

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15539. DNA base pairs

DNA base pairs

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15015. Francis Crick and James Watson in Cambridge.

1953 picture of Francis Crick (L) and James Watson (R) walking along the backs of King's College in Cambridge.

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15601. DNA


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16435. Video 19: James Dewey Watson, clip 4

Linus Pauling's triple-helix model for DNA and the reaction to this incorrect model.

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  • Source: DNAFTB

15676. DNA helix

Image depicting DNA helix model and table.

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15512. Linus Pauling's triple DNA helix model, 3D animation with basic narration

Although the chemistry was wrong, Linus Pauling's triple-stranded DNA model was a catalyst for James Watson and Francis Crick to solve the structure of DNA.

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16434. Video 19: James Dewey Watson, clip 3

DNA as a double helix.

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15493. The double helical structure of DNA, 3D animation with no audio

Animation of 2D DNA model becoming three dimensional.

  • ID: 15493
  • Source: DNAi

15451. Linus Pauling's incorrect model of the DNA structure, James Watson

James Watson describes the triple helix model proposed by Linus Pauling.

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15461. The double helix and the Nobel Prize, James Watson

James Watson talks about who he thinks should have won the Nobel Prize in 1962.

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