After December 31, 2020, Flash animation technology is no longer supported by web browsers. Lab Center was built using Flash.

Much of the animation and video content is available in the Resources section. Many of the animations are also included in our DNA from the Beginning website.

In addition, we are reworking our most valued, up-to-date content into current technologies. If there is content you can no longer find, please email

Lab Centers support student and teacher learning through purpose-built, mini-Internet sites for several popular DNALC laboratories. Each laboratory includes: a video introduction to the experiment, background information, interactive and PDF versions of the protocol, lab results, real-world applications, further exploration activities, scientist interviews, animations, and selected resources. We are developing science stories to relate experiments to local research.

A password-protected "teacher bench" includes a teacher guide, standards correlations, recipes and materials, and student assessment and answers.

Two Lab Centers have been developed; one for visitors to the DNALC, and one for visitors to the Harlem DNA Lab.