Inside Cancer is a multimedia site for teachers, students, and family members who want authoritative information on the biology of a cancer cell. Inside Cancer was funded by a National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnerships Award (SEPA).

The content is broken into four modules:

Hallmarks of Cancer emphasizes cancer as a genetic disease and highlights the common features or "hallmarks" of a cancer cell.

Causes & Prevention uses epidemiological data to highlight behaviors and environmental factors that increase cancer risk, and examines the molecular mechanisms that lead to cancer development.

Diagnosis & Treatment shows how new molecular techniques are being used to diagnose and tailor cancer treatment according to specific genetic changes in the patient's tumor.

Pathways to Cancer is a 3-D animated tour of a cell that focuses on the signaling pathway through which growth commands are transmitted from cell surface to the nucleus.

All modules are linked through a "molecule menu" that acts as an index/glossary for quick reference information on specific genes and proteins involved in oncogenesis.

Inside Cancer Teacher Center

Inside Cancer Teacher Center

Teacher Center includes Atomizer, a tool that allows teachers to create custom presentations with Inside Cancer content, Lesson Exchange, a wiki for developing and exchanging lesson plans, and Concept Matrix, local and nationals standards alignments.