Fast Track to Gene Annotation and Genome Analysis

As a member of the NSF-funded CyVerse (iPlant Collaborative), the DNALC has developed DNA Subway, a bioinformatics workspace that makes high-level genome analysis broadly available to students and educators.

Built to complement other CyVerse discovery environments, DNA Subway captures the essence of CyVerse's goal: to develop computer (cyber) infrastructure that provides plant researchers and educators access to the large-scale datasets and high-powered informatics tools that drive modern biology.

"Riding" different lines in the DNA Subway, users can predict and annotate genes in up to 100,000 base pairs of DNA (Red Line); prospect entire plant genomes for specific genes (Yellow Line); input DNA sequences to build phylogenetic trees, analyze DNA barcodes, and prepare DNA sequences for database submission (Blue Line); input RNA-Seq data to measure differences in transcriptomes (Green Line); and input NGS metabarcoding data and metadata to measure and compare species (Purple Line).