What is Epigenetics?

An introduction to the concept of epigenetics, how it occurs in nature and can be used therapeutically


  • ID: 17010
  • Source: DNALC

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17013. RNA-dependent DNA Methylation

An animation describing how some epigenetic marks are dependent on RNA transcription

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17011. DNA Methylation

An animation showing how DNA methylation regulates gene expression

  • ID: 17011
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17012. Histone Methylation

An animation showing how histone modifications regulate gene expression

  • ID: 17012
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2215. Life events - gene-environment interactions

Professor Bruce McEwen describes how the interplay between life events and genes can lead to behavioral problems.

  • ID: 2215
  • Source: G2C

2213. Early-life experience and development

Professor Bruce McEwen discusses the dramatic impact early-life events can have on development.

  • ID: 2213
  • Source: G2C

856. Bioethics and Philosophy

A neurobiologist and a philosopher adapt the perspectives of their disciplines to develop a uniļ¬ed account of morality.

  • ID: 856
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