Gallery 26: Thomas Cech, 1998

Thomas Cech became president of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute on January 1, 2000.

Thomas Cech, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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16585. Biography 26: Thomas Robert Cech (1947 - )

Thomas Cech and Sidney Altman discovered that RNA can have enzymatic activities. For this discovery, they shared the 1989 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

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16038. Thomas Robert Cech and Sidney Altman, 1989

RNA was the first genetic molecule.

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972. Causes, Inheritance: Cancer gene types, Vogelstein clip 2

Professor Vogelstein, explains that cancer is in essence a genetic disease. But it's really quite different than all the other genetic diseases that people usually think of when they think about a genetic disease.

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974. Causes, Inheritance: Colon cancer, Vogelstein

Professor Vogelstein explains that APC is expressed in all cells, and that we don't know why it only causes cancers when mutated in the colon and in a few other places.

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1014. Diagnosis, Targeted therapies: Targeting activators, Sawyer 2

Professor Charles Sawyer explains that Gleevec is a pill taken once a day and works remarkably well in all phases of CML.

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1013. Diagnosis, Targeted therapies: Targeting activators, Sawyer 1

Professor Charles Sawyer explains that CML stands for chronic myeloid leukemia, which is a blood cancer and it is different from many cancers because it starts very slowly and patients when they're first diagnosed don't have many symptoms.

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976. Causes, Inheritance: Many steps to cancer, Vogelstein clip 1

Professor Vogelstein explains that colon cancers provide a good example of a type of tumor in which the genetic steps leading from the normal colon epethelial cell to a cancer, are reasonably well known.

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977. Causes, Inheritance: Many steps to cancer, Vogelstein clip 2

Professor Vogelstein explains that the only difference between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor is not the size, it's the ability of the malignant tumor to invade, and get through the tissues.

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970. Causes, Inheritance: Cancer gene types

This section identifies that a cancer gene alters the normal functioning of a protein, and there are three major categories of cancer genes.

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16721. Biography 34: Herb W. Boyer (1936 - )

Herb Boyer and Stan Cohen "invented" recombinant DNA technology.

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