Gallery 16: 1936 diary entry of Frank Blair Hanson

1936 diary entry of Frank Blair Hanson, then President of the Rockefeller Foundation. He noted that Beadle is a "man to watch." Also, note the salary for graduate students.

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16426. Gallery 19: Diary entry of Gerard R. Pomerat, Rockefeller Foundation science officer, 1953

April 1, 1953 diary entry of Gerard R. Pomerat, Rockefeller Foundation science officer. Pomerat was on a visit to the Cavendish labs and describes the excitement of Watson and Crick's work.

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16365. Gallery 16: The Rockefeller Foundation funded Beadle's experiments.

The Rockefeller Foundation funded Beadle's experiments. This 1943 letter is a progress report Beadle wrote to the Rockefeller President.

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16670. Gallery 32: Barbara McClintock, 1929

Barbara McClintock as a graduate student at Cornell, 1929. (L-R standing) Charles Burnham, Marcus Rhoades, Rollins Emerson, and Barbara McClintock. George Beadle is kneeling by the dog.

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16685. Biography 32: Barbara McClintock (1902 -1992)

Barbara McClintock did pioneer work in plant genetics. She received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1983.

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16372. Biography 16: Edward Lawrie Tatum (1909-1975)

Edward Tatum and George Beadle used Neurospora to prove that "one gene makes one protein." Tatum also had a role in starting bacterial genetics.

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16370. Video 16: Joshua Lederberg, clip 1

Describing Ed Tatum as a scientist, advisor, and friend.

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16130. Future of research, Craig Venter

Craig Venter talks about future of research.

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16418. Biography 18: Joshua Lederberg (1925-2008)

Joshua Lederberg discovered bacterial recombination and started a new field of research.

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16401. Gallery 18: 1958 Nobel Prize winners

1958 Nobel Prize winners: (L-R) George Beadle, Edward Tatum (Physiology or Medicine), I. Tamm (Physics), F. Sanger (Chemistry), P. Cherenkov (Physics), I. Frank (Physics), Joshua Lederberg (Physiology or Medicine).

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16842. Gallery 40: J. Michael Bishop

J. Michael Bishop as a graduate student.

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