finger prints

Title page of Finger Prints, by Francis Galton. Galton suggested the first elementary system of classifying fingerprints into loops, arches, and whorls. (DNAi location: Chronicle > Threat of the Unfit > Founders)

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15810. Francis Galton and Charles Davenport

Francis Galton and Charles Davenport, founders of the eugenics movement.

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11918. Francis Galton's fingerprints with handwritten notes

Francis Galton's fingerprints with handwritten notes

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11919. Francis Galton's wax finger impression

Francis Galton's wax finger impression

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11917. Francis Galton's right hand print

Francis Galton's right hand print

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15809. Portraits of Francis Galton

Portraits of Francis Galton in the style of Alphonse Bertillon, creator of a method of body measurement. Galton's eugenics reflected his devotion to the measurement of physical traits.

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15751. Inheritance of Ability pedigree

Galton, Wedgewood, and Darwin pedigree. This family was studied as an example of "family-stocks characterized by outstanding capacities in philosophy, science and art."

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15754. Portrait of Francis Galton

Francis Galton portrait from the University of California

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15752. Francis Galton, about 1865

The term eugenics, meaning "well born," was coined in 1883 by Francis Galton, a scientist at University College in London.

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10939. Sir Francis Galton

Sir Francis Galton

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11920. Francis Galton's silhouette

Francis Galton's silhouette

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