First impression of Watson and Crick, Erwin Chargaff

Interviewee: Erwin Chargaff. Erwin Chargaff reads a passage from his book Heraclitean Fire: Sketches from a Life Before Nature, describing his impressions of Crick and Watson. (DNAi Location: Code > Finding the structure > Players > Erwin Chargaff > The meeting with Watson and Crick)

The impression, one 35 years old, the looks of a fading racing tout, something out of Hogarth's The Rake's Progress, Cruickshank, Daumier; an incessant falsetto with occasional nuggets glittering in the turbid stream of prattle. The other, quite undeveloped at twenty-three, a grin more sly than sheepish; saving little, nothing of consequence.

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  • Source: DNALC.DNAi