Sermon #56: Religion and Eugenics AES Sermon Contest 1927, #6 (10)

Sermon favorable to eugenics based on theory of progress and eugenics as enlightenment and a triumph over ignorance and superstitition.

811. [page heading] Eugenics ----page #11 [end page heading] been anything else than a Christian". Just so. And this is none other than the thought and the passion of those who are promoting the Science of Eugenics. Science is making righteousness possible and is teaching us that goodness is inherited, that a love of the true and the beautiful and the good has been transmitted by devout parents who reverence God and who worshiped [sic] Him "in Spirit and in truth" and "in the beauty of holiness". Thus modern Eugenics is calling to our generation to "follow the gleam". It is appealing to all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to understand, to enter more fully into a study of the science of life, declaring that "It is only in the laboratory of science that knowledge, morals, religion and the world wisdom of the poet, preacher, sociologist, statesman and philosopher all meet. It is only here that they can all be synthesized into the final great ethic religion of man".

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