O. S. Davis letter to L. Whitney about Davenport's sermon judging

AES:Sermon Contest 1926, #1

767. [printed letterhead] The Chicago Theological Seminary (CONGREGATIONAL) FOUNDED IN 1855 5757 UNIVERSITY AVENUE, CHICAGO DAVID FALES, CHAIRMAN EMERITUS BOARD OF DIRECTORS JOHN R. MONTGOMERY, CHAIRMAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS FREDERIC W. CHAMBERLAIN, SECRETARY OZORA S. DAVIS..PRESIDENT FRANK G. WARD...DEAN ROBERT CASHMAN BUSINESS MANAGER JAMES H. TUFTS, CHAIRMAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CLARENCE S. FUNK, CHAIRMAN FINANCE COMMITTEE WYLLYS W. BAIRD, TREASURER [end printed letterhead] Burkehaven, [illegible], June 27, 1927 Dear Mr. Whitney:- I have read the sermons, seeking to estimate their worth on four counts: 1. Material 2. Plan 3. Style 4. "Message." The following is my marking: First three 23 32 5 Honorable Mention 43 37 42 6 56 Yours cordially Ozora S. Davis

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