H. Laughlin's first letter to C. Davenport, about breeding chickens

Harry Laughlin writes to Davenport (Feb 25, 1907) on notepaper headed "Superintendent of Public Schools, Kirksville, Missouri. Laughlin is crossing chickens and asks for Davenport''s advice.

506. 942. Harry Hamilton Laughlin Superintendent of Public Schools Kirksville, Missouri Kirksville, Mo. February 25, 1907. Dr. Charles B. Davenport, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. My Dear Sir:- I am making some interesting experiments by crossing White Fluffs or Klondykes and the Long Tailed Yokohama fouls[sic]. I have several birds that to all appearances are Yokohamas save that they are pure white in color. I shall continue the breeding of these crosses and expect to develop a bird having the shape and length of feather of the Yokohama, yellow legs, white ear-lobes, and white webless feathers. Poultry breeders can give me now no information and so I write asking whether or not the Phoenix Indian Game, the Shomo or Yokohama, and the Tosa fouls[sic] are one and the same breed. Very Respectfully Yours, H. H. Laughlin

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  • Source: DNALC.EA