"Eugenics, a subject for investigation rather than instruction," American Breeders Association Eugenics Section (2)

A discussion warning against premature attempts at eugenics education: "less we be blind leaders of the blind we must first of all investigation...Our greatest danger is from some (of) impetuous temperment, who, planting the banner of Eugenics, rallies a volunteer army of Utopians, freelovers, and muddy thinkers to start a holy war for the new religion."

407. 2. The Organization of the Section consists of a chairman, a secretary, an advisory board and a number of committees. The chairman of the Section is Dr. David Starr Jordan; its secretary is Dr. C. B. Davenport, Cold Spring Harbor, N. Y. The advisory Board consists of the following biological and social investigators, in addition to the chairman and secretary. Alexander Graham Bell, Washington, D. C. Luther Burbank, Santa Rosa, California, W. E. Castle, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, C. R. Henderson, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, A. Hrdlicka, U. S. National Museum, Washington, D. C. V. L. Kellogg, Stanford University, Cal., Adolf Meyer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., J. Arthur Thomson, University, Aberdeen, Scotland, W. L. Tower, H. J. Webber, C. K. Woodruff, F. A. Woods, Special committees are being organized to serve as experts on methods of study and to gain support for special investigations in their respective subjects. The Committees as at present organized are :-

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