"Eugenics, a subject for investigation rather than instruction," American Breeders Association Eugenics Section (1)

A discussion warning against premature attempts at eugenics education: "less we be blind leaders of the blind we must first of all investigation...Our greatest danger is from some (of) impetuous temperment, who, planting the banner of Eugenics, rallies a volunteer army of Utopians, freelovers, and muddy thinkers to start a holy war for the new religion."

406. American Breeders' Association. Section on Eugenics. The American Breeders' Association, founded in 1903, is a society of practical breeders, students of biology, and particularly heredity, teachers interested in the theory of breeding, and persons who are taking part in the movement to improve the human race by the application to mankind of scientifically ascertained laws of heredity. The scope of its work is shown in the 1,600 pages of its five annual reports, which "contain the most valuable body of knowledge extant in any publication on the theory of heredity in plants, animals, and man, and on the work of creating improved varieties of plants and improved breeds of animals". The Association is about to issue a quarterly magazine for the use of the members. The Section on Eugenics is one the three fundamental divisions of the work of the Association. The section is devoted to the study of man as a biological species, of the method of inheritance of human characteristics, of the method by which socially unfavorable combinations of characters (such as are seen on defectives and delinquents) have come to pass and by which the favorable combinations seen in effective and eminent men have had their origin. It seeks to study the methods by which the germ plasm may be weakened thru the so-called racial poisons and otherwise. It considers the phenomena of migrations, race - intermingling, fertility, and elimination (of either the best or the unfit). It plans to first gain facts and then to educate the public as to the nature and dangers of unfit matings, and the other causes that tend to propagate and expand the influence in our country of bad protoplasm. It contemplates, eventually, helping an aroused public spirit to secure such legislation as will tend to insure the increase of healthier future generations.

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