"Eugenics seeks to improve the natural, physical, mental and tempermental qualities of the human family," Eugenics Record Office

This brochure describes the goals of eugenics and how to do a family eugenic study. Forms for collecting eugencial and trait data are described, including: Record of Family Traits, Family Tree Folder, Individual Analysis Card, short schedules for special traits, and physical development records.

248. Eugenics Seeks to Improve the Natural, Physical, Mental and Temperamental Qualities of the Human Family [photo] Carnegie Institution of Washington Department of Genetics The Eugenics Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N.Y. Founded by Mrs. E. H. Harriman Established October 1, 1910 Charles B. Davenport, Director Harry H. Laughlin, Assistant Director This office is devoted to the study of the biological forces which determine the natural capacities and limitations of mankind. It looks forward to having ultimately a good working pedigree-index of the natural traits of a large portion of the families of America. Science can not experiment with human beings. It desires merely to learn and publish the actual results of man's experiments on himself. Every marriage is an experiment in heredity. Every person should be interested in the actual

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