British House of Commons Bill on Inebriates, inscribed to H. Laughlin (1)

This bill was not passed. The British had a Society for the Study of Inebriety with its own journal.

112. Inebriates Bill. Arrangement of Clauses. Part I. Provision as to Inebriates Not Guilty of Offences. Voluntary Submission to Restrictions. Clause. 1. Power to submit to restrictions. 2. Undertaking to abstain from intoxicants. 3. Appointment of guardian. 4. Application for admission into a retreat. Compulsory Orders of Committal to Retreat. 5. Compulsory orders of committal to retreat, &c. 6. Order appointing judicial guardian. 7. Order committing inebriate to a retreat. 8. Power to recover expenses against inebriate's estate. 9. Appeal from judicial authority. Provision as to Retreats. 10. Power to license retreats. 11. Power of local authorities to establish or contribute to retreats.

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