Virtual Museum Tour - Our Genome

Date: 5/4/2020
Time: 3:00 PM
Duration: 32 minutes
Presenter(s): Amanda McBrien
Audience: General Audience
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Activity description:

All living things have a genome, including us! Your genome is like a cookbook, containing thousands of recipes called genes. Genes determine your traits, but they often don’t act alone. Join Amanda for a tour of the Genome section of the DNA Learning Center’s Our Human Inheritance exhibit and learn the story of the human genome and some of our interesting genes.

In this DNALC Live session, you will:

• Explore human genes that tell interesting stories about health and ancestry.
• See a game that demonstrates the inheritance of a famous pair of chromosomes.
• View a replica of the very first model of the DNA double helix.
• Hear the story of trait variations that are more complex than we once thought.