Kitchen Science: DNA Extraction from Fruit

Date: 4/6/2020
Time: 3:00 PM
Duration: 30 minutes
Presenter(s): Megan Capobianco, DNA Learning Center
Audience: Grades 5-8 and science enthusiasts
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Activity description:

Join Megan for this 30-minute lesson to learn how to extract DNA from plant cells and have the opportunity to see DNA without a microscope! We will review the structure and function of DNA and discuss why scientists and other professionals might want to extract DNA from various sources.

Students will:
• learn a basic procedure for extracting DNA from cells. 

• use prior knowledge of cell structures to determine the most efficient method for extraction from eukaryotic cells. 

• describe the significance of understanding cell composition in a DNA extraction. 

• see real DNA without a microscope, and explain how this is possible.