DNA Barcoding in Zoology and Conservation

Date: 4/2/2020
Time: 1:00 PM
Duration: 60 minutes
Presenter(s): Jeffery Petracca
Audience: Grades 10-12, Undergraduates
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Activity description:

Many species can be difficult and time consuming to identify through morphology alone, especially without specialized training and specific knowledge of taxonomy. DNA barcoding helps to level the playing field, offering an approach to species identification that provides non-experts a way to rapidly identify organisms! Join Long Island Aquarium Entomologist and DNALC Educator Jeffry Petracca as he showcases some of his most exotic butterflies and insects, and discusses how DNA barcoding can be used as an important tool in zoological and conservation fields.
In this DNALC Live session, you will:
Discuss species identification problems affecting butterfly and insect zoos and how modern DNA technology can help overcome these issues;
Learn how DNA barcoding is being applied to biodiversity studies and zoological conservation;
Observe beautiful butterflies and amazing insects from the Long Island Aquarium’s living collection!